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Win It In A Minute

“Win it in a Minute” is our super fun version of the “Minute to Win it” game show.


Your party guests will all get a chance to participate in a series of games of 60 seconds each. All games are constructed around common household objects and are suitable for children aged 8 and older. The games are fast and adrenaline filled, and did we mention super fun?!? The participants will be shown a “blueprint” or “instruction video” for every game on a TV screen provided by us. Once the blueprint is shown, the participants will then take turns to try and master that specific game. Once every participant has had a turn, we will move onto the next game in the series.  A running score will keep the game competitive and the participants on their toes!


We recommend our “Win it in a Minute Parties” for groups no less than 10 and no more than 28 kids. Our “Win it in a Minute Parties” are held indoors and we will need space equivalent to a double garage depending on the number of participating kids. Please also keep in mind that we will need a power point for our TV screen.

“Win it in a Minute” promises to keep the kids entertained and give the parents a hard earned break. Don’t hesitate to book us!

Price winitinaminute-screen

10 – 15 Kids @ R140 per kid. Excluding Travel

16 – 20 Kids @ R130 per kid. Excluding Travel

21 – 28 Kids @ R120 per kid. Excluding Travel

For more info, or to book please email:

Fun And Safe

Our equipment does not use lasers, instead it uses harmless infrared technology the same as in your TV remote control.

Win It In A Minute

Already had a 'Laser Paintball Party'? Why not book a 'Win it in a Minute' party this year? It promises to be a high adrenaline and highly competitive competition.